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$13 per month

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$50 per month

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$90 per month

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Abbie Potts

Latarie Christopher


Nicoscia Robinson

I was told that Spectrum would take care of my At&T service wen I changed over to have their services..But that did not happen, now I have a outstanding balance with AT&T. I was suppose to have gotten the promotional package with Spectrum, but I did not. AND IN THE FIRST MONTH, MY BILL WAS $200. That was not cool and I could not afford that.. So I have to get only the internet and it is still a lot just having internet only.. I really was hoping to get the deal so I could have TV and internet..

Cathy McCary

Sales process needs help.

Joe Kelly

Order placement was easy. I picked up my equipment and was excited to get home and complete the setup. After troubleshooting my connection a technician was scheduled to come investigate. The technician found no cable had ever been run to the house. The house never had cable service!! Why isn't this disclosed during the sales process? Spectrum was responsive in installing a cable line but it caused an avoidable delay of 1 week before I was online.

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