How it works

it's pretty simple...

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Where are you moving?

You tell us where you’re moving and what utilities you need at your new pad.

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We do all the research

We research the service providers in your area and grind them on price while you’re playing golf. We’ve been doing this for a while and we’re pretty good at it - we know the numbers to call and the buttons to press.

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We call you and present all the best options

We call you and let you know your options. Don’t worry, we’re not biased about it - we’ll tell you ALL your options and let you pick. We’ll walk you through the different bundles, plans, etc. and make sure we get you set up right. We care about our customers. A lot.

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We'll get you set up

Finally, we do the miserable stuff that you dread most about moving (i.e. sit on the phone with the cable guy for hours). We’ll then shoot you a quick email with a summary of your order, all of your account numbers, and service start dates.