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Jermaine Weathers

5 stars


Using MY Utilites is awesome, hey found us a great deal on electric and are saving us over $150!!

Cheyenne Sanders

Easy peasy! All in one place. :)

Robert Esser

Great service and helps streamline all your bills with minimal effort and time.

Archana Saini

5 stars

Robert And Amanda Adams

They were a great help in our recent move.

Jasmine Sharell Jernigan

Great and easy service! Takes a few minutes and handles all the things we worry about the most. Great rates provided!

Debra Fedro

It was a good experience. The girl was very knowledgeable and helpful and

Joanna Thibodeaux

Great customer service very helpful

Service Writers

Very helpful in transferring services and got me a better deal on internet than I was able to negotiate on the phone!

Amanda Dalton

Dillon has been very helpful and honest with me when helping me select the best utility provider for my needs. This is my first time using My Utilities and so far I am glad I was connected to them. They make it very easy to get everything set up and they provided me with all the information I needed. I would highly suggest using this service if you are seeking to move and change utilities.

Jerald Zachery

My Utilities made my transition from Boston to Chicago easy and seamless. They took the worry away of whom I needed to contact away and made arrangements and connections timely. Thank you!!!

Ashley Brizuela

I have used My Utilities twice now to help me set up new electricity service when I move. Both times have been great experiences, they are efficient and very helpful! I highly recommend them to anyone moving or needing to change service providers!

Megan Sandoval

Shawn was super helpful and the call was stress free!

Stefan Maxwell

5 stars

Taylor Stewart

Shawn was fantastic and helpful every step of the way! He was a great communicator and was able to assist me quickly.

Cynthia Dulin

I would recommend using them because they really want to help you get the best price for your budget.

Crystal Stollings

Gives you a list of all utility companys with pricing available in your area. Super easy and fast to sign up.

Sally North

My Utilities were very helpful as it is hard for me to get everything ready for a new house. They did every thing that needed to be done.