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Yolanda Smith

Great easy to set up utilities when moving

Chris Hildebrand

Alex Hill was great to work with. Super helpful!

Shonda Charles

Shawn was wonderful to talk with! He was very knowledgeable, helpful, and offered excellent customer service. Even his work partner was knowledgeable of the services I needed. I had the opportunity to speak with Shawn on numerous occasions, and the overall experience was pleasant. I wish customer service could be found everywhere like this!! My utilities should be the poster child for how it should be done.

Nate Wright

Very pleasent experience to work with MyUtilities. I didn't have to do much of anything and they made all the phone calls to get everything turned on.

Ashley S.

Letting yall help me was the best decision I've made so far this year. Y'all were very persistent in getting me to find a light company..To the point I had to ask y'all to night call while I'm at wrk. But great choice frm apartment finders to my utilities

Wendy Zacarias

Sydney made my move to Dallas so much easier! I'm so happy she helped me with everything I was confused and overwhelmed about. She got the best deal for me, and even helped me learn a little more about Dallas. I super recommend this company!

Garrett Weissbein

Made the stress of moving a lot easier.

Aracely Mitchum

Brittany is amazing! She went above and beyond to help my move be easier I was blessed to have her helping me!

Crystal Jones

All I can say is wow!!! Excellent & convenient service. They were able to save me a lot of time shopping around for the best deals. I’m grateful for a service like this for a busy teacher. Thanks!

Roger Mansfield

I highly recommend My Utilities as they set me up with everything in a short amount of time and personally customize everything according to my needs. They went out of the way to find the best fit and I really appreciate that.

Arielle Lane

5 stars!

Brenda Mason

Great. Handled everything and to away my worries

Shabreeon Hughes

Very great assistance.

Francisco Guerrero

Simple, Fast, Great Customer Service

Robert Esser

Great service and helps streamline all your bills with minimal effort and time.

Monique Jahi

Alex made the process painless...he also found electricity provider that fits my needs.I would definitely recommend the sevice to family and friends.

Tom Taylor


Valerie Nite

Excellent and efficient service. Saved me so much time and sanity!!

Linda Kemp

5 stars

Glorietta J.

Excellent customer service,