What our Users Say

About My Utilities

Renee Hill

I had a wonderful experience with My Utilities. The young lady that called me (Alex) was extremely knowledgeable about her product. She was very friendly and made sure I was comfortable with everything I was paying for. I will recommend them to all my friends.

Onita Jackson

My Team Leader Kiera was great and she took the time to make sure that I was satisfied with the service that was offered by her department!

Antonio Motusic

Very helpful

Tanya Mc Bee

5 stars.

Oscar Molina

Made the experience of adding utilities for a move much easier and less stressful than usual! Highly recommend working with My Utilities!

Scott Nance

Couldn't be more pleased this services exists.

Mary Petrous

Jack was very helpful, since we never had to use this type of service Jack took his time to explain how it worked and was able to set up everything by phone and email. Thanks.

Miriam Velez

Excelente personal. Dispuestos a buscar las mejores ofertas y pagos!

Riley Reagor

They made it easy for me and worked around my busy schedule. Sydney was awesome!

Lauren Hladky

My Utilities made the transition to our new home simple and stream-lined. We had a little confusion when dealing directly with the new service providers after the move but over all My Utilities found us the best prices and saved us lots of time.

Edward Goode

Very quick and affordable

Kiana J.

Nothing. Lisette was awesome!

Mike H.

They did everything! Use them for your next move. You'll be glad you did!

ED Johnson

Shannell Graham was awesome. She provided me with the best customer service I have ever received in my life. Lie seriously. She stayed on the line with me, called around to different people until she seen my issues were solved. She didn't give up. She was more than helpful. Employee of the year right here.

Elizabeth Glanville

Extremely helpful in navigating the Texas systems for someone setting up accounts from out of state. Thank you.

jeaniae lawton

I highly recommend My Utilities. I set my appointment up online. The Customer Service individual (Syndey) called me and helped set everything up. I had to reschedule everything a day later and she was able to help with that as well without me having to call each company individually.

Ashley Potter

Jason was very nice and professional. He worked with my hectic work schedule on talking with me and getting me set up! They make the move so much easier and less stressful!

Latanya N.

The company was very helpful and got me what I needed at great price even tried to get me more...I don't feel there's anything that needs to be improved

Arneko Harris

I had awesome customer service with Alex... thank you for making my move run smoothly

elizabeth seballes

Alex was always very helpful, provided lots of information, and made things easier for us. One less thing to worry about when moving! Great company and service!