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About My Utilities

Joseph Roush

Great person to person very friendly and helpful

Julie Misico

Sydney helped me through the whole experience of setting up all my utilities at my new residence with a smile in her voice! Great job Sydney!

Kaye Hill

Sydney was awesome. It is great to have all that work of setting up accounts done for me. She provided great info on the choices I had and was always polite & helpful.

Renee Hill

I had a wonderful experience with My Utilities. The young lady that called me (Alex) was extremely knowledgeable about her product. She was very friendly and made sure I was comfortable with everything I was paying for. I will recommend them to all my friends.


Everything was fine thanks

Linda S.

Saved me lots of time loved it.

Gregory Sargent

5 stars

Alan Woodward

Kieria was Very helpful with what I needed.

Karch Schreiner

My Utilities takes care of all of the utility headache and bundles it into one simple package. No need for me to research, talk with utility reps or schedule appointments. They take care of it all.

Gabby Dillon

Set up my utilities last week to be turned on today we walked in and it was on and blowing cold air they are great so far

Jessica Reid

I called and had my electricity provider changed over the same day!! I wish I could remember the name of the woman I spoke with!! She was super helpful, knowledgeable and friendly!!! I can't wait to see the difference in my bill!!


Corey was GREAT to work with! Professional, knowledgeable, and friendly!

Lashawn Handy

He was very nice and helpful

Melissa Blackburn

Super helpful and professional!

Cornelia Coleman

I really love this

Amanda Howard

I've used this company twice to set up my internet and utilities after my mom told me her awesome experience with them. It was easy, straightforward and no bs. Just a normal, down to earth human on the other end of the line that knows what they're talking about. They get your info and tell you your best options including which provider is more reliable and gives better incentives. Then they contact the companies and get your accounts set up so all you have to do is confirm and you're done!


Natalie is a true professional, had a solid answer to every question I had !!!! Took care of us

Charles Waldrop

I was most pleased at the very positivecustomer service attitudes and courteousprofessional approach of this fine company

Ashley Riley

I was able to set up my internet and TV quickly and efficiently by using My Utilities. loved the convenience.

Andrew Silva

It was great! Very very helpful and informative! Thank you!