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About My Utilities

Mikia Young

Was great service

Mario Chavez

Great service saves time at much needed time when you are moving!

Service Writers

Very helpful in transferring services and got me a better deal on internet than I was able to negotiate on the phone!

Jason Phillips

Jack Sommers has been great to work with. Highly recommend.

Tonuia Simon

Shawn Was great !!!

shae smith

I was set up for my movers to move my stuff from one location to another. After that was done one As asked if I needed help with my utilities I told her yes. She help me set up my utilities, cable, internet, and phone all without me having to do anything and quick also. I was speechless when she said she was done and if I had any questions. They were very very helpful

Ashley S.

Letting yall help me was the best decision I've made so far this year. Y'all were very persistent in getting me to find a light company..To the point I had to ask y'all to night call while I'm at wrk. But great choice frm apartment finders to my utilities

Tara Magee

Best service ever! I wish I would have known about them sooner. Lisette was kind, helpful and quick to respond. I highly recommend!

Raquel Cabana

Moving to a new city "Dallas" from Miami after leaving there for 15 years. MyUtilities helped to get installed fast, reliable and with great customer support. I would strongly recommend this company.

Jessica F.

Great customer service!

Barry Cunningham

The best. Worry free. Believe they saved me time, anxiety, and money. Saved me a lot of money on security package too. Thank you!

James Sylvester

Very responsive!

Amanda Temple

We are first-time home buyers, so making sure all of our utilities were set up seemed overwhelming (especially while dealing with all the other documents and processes that home buying entails).My Utilities made everything so easy and convenient for us – and even helped us cut our current cable/internet bill in half!As a Millennial, I tend to prefer the ease and convenience of doing pretty much everything online. However, it would have taken me twice as long to organize and set everything up had I done it myself. Jack was so friendly and helpful – he talked me through my options and scheduled everything!I highly recommend using this service. I will never attempt to do it on my own again!

Tomora Duncan

Thank you Lisette at MyUtilites. This move for me was stressful until MyUtilites came in and made life 100% better. This service is a must, hands down. I highly recommend!!! I repeat, I highly recommend! They are professional, kind and super helpful. This service is A+

Matthew Nihiser

What a fantastic resource! Alex (my rep) was extremely responsive, patient and helpful. This process is usually such a pain in the neck, but it wasn't this time. Definitely recommend

Ashton White

This service made setting everything up super easy! I would use them again in a heartbeat.

Zoila Emilia Subero Zamora

This guys was amazing. Kiera help me everything and when I was scare about electricity companies she helped me the best, when I said that in technical terms I wasn’t able to understand their terms and conditions they put me a Spanish speaker to understand better all the importance things. Super great.

Vianey Pena

Awesome, very easy! Made my move a smooth transition!

carmen darrigan

Great customer service ! Very friendly and knowledgeable, answered all my questions !Jack helped me and he was very personable and knowledgeable! Will definitely continue to do business with him again😊

jeaniae lawton

I highly recommend My Utilities. I set my appointment up online. The Customer Service individual (Syndey) called me and helped set everything up. I had to reschedule everything a day later and she was able to help with that as well without me having to call each company individually.