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Dwayne A.


Mary E F.

Jack was very helpful. The only thing I could suggest would be I'm a senior and am technically challenged, so sometimes when we are over 70 we don't understand everything. Jack did a great job of trying to help me understand

Saravana Kumar Kailasam

5 stars

Chandrs Pike

Easy and convenient

Donna Kropp

Quick and easy. Unfortunately only office hours during the week for hook up so we have to wait for the following Saturday. Would recommend their services. Got a call and service hookup tomorrow amazing.

Robby Kraft

Super helpful and make the process smooth and pain free

Roxanne Davila

"Josue was a very big help on my move. He was able to get my utilities and internet service scheduled on time. He even offered renters insurance that I didnt know they had too. Thank you for everything most appreciated"

Hugo Espino

very helpful finding the right product.

Juana Ligas

"Josue was awesome to work with! He guided me through the whole process and made sure I was being taken care of every step of the way. I could not be any more pleased with the services that were rendered to me."

Ricki Lea Krause

Bobby Jones and Change My Utilities are UNBELIEVABLE! I have been overcharged by Utility providers for the past few years, so Bobby shopped the market and found me the very best deals on EVERYTHING and he ended up saving me well over $900/year! The savings were great, but the best part about Change My Utilities was the level of service that I was provided. I have NEVER been treated as great as Bobby treated me, and I have been a consumer for over 45 years now. I HIGHLY recommend Bobby Jones and Change My Utilities to anyone who wants to save money on their utilities! Thank you so very much! I will be telling everyone I know about how great this company is!

Amanda Howard

I've used this company twice to set up my internet and utilities after my mom told me her awesome experience with them. It was easy, straightforward and no bs. Just a normal, down to earth human on the other end of the line that knows what they're talking about. They get your info and tell you your best options including which provider is more reliable and gives better incentives. Then they contact the companies and get your accounts set up so all you have to do is confirm and you're done!

Kelly Irwin

Fast & easy! Saved me $540 on my electricity & cable! Best of all- it was FREE! Why no one thought of this until now is beyond me- call Bobby Jones and he will do everything for you AND save you money!

Emma Betrisey

Very helpful!

Kimberly Martin

I'm so glad I was referred to this company. Bobby has made my life so much easier. He found the best rates for me and arranged the set up of everything. All I have to do is be there the day of installation! I'm hard of hearing so calling service providers to set up is difficult and I didn't have to do that at all. Even for those with normal hearing I highly recommend his service--moving is stressful and he takes care of one of the headaches of moving for you.

Mackenzee Munoz

Life is so much easier getting help from my utilities and the staff is super easy to communicate with.

Eduardo Cortez


Alan Lynn Crynes

Excellent customer service! Tin got me squared away fast and always makes this a great experience. I’ve used them a few years now and they never disappoint. Thank you!

Mary Petrous

Jack was very helpful, since we never had to use this type of service Jack took his time to explain how it worked and was able to set up everything by phone and email. Thanks.

Candrian Asuncion

What a great service! First time using anything like this and it left me completely amazed. After I scheduled my movers, I was transferred to a My Utilities rep and he went over what they do. I was offered help to switch my utilities to my new apt unit but my current rate is pretty much the same so then he helped me with getting my Internet set up. AMAZING! No frustrating wait time with AT&T, he told me everything to expect, and scheduled me the best time for the AT&T tech to come out and install my service. Then everything was emailed to me. I love this service and my rep, Shawn, was fantastic!!

Darla Marshall

This company is amazing! They have helped us with a smooth move. Elizabeth was friendly and helpful! I would highly recommend them!