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Charles Mason

5 stars

Jill Humphreys

Moving is stressful. Lisette made it less stressful by helping me get the utilities turned on. It was so nice that I didn't have to research prices and specials. I highly recommend this service. Lisette was so nice and professional.

Bodara Williams

Excellent service. It definitely saved me a ton of time calling and scheduling all the utilities for our move to our new apartment. The rep texted me which was super convenient and to know that’s it’s all FREE just made the service and experience valid/that much more worth it.

Sraya Fears

My representative Kieria was amazing! So polite, profesional, and knowledgeable about all the services offered. I will definitely use my utilities services again, I can only pray I'd be blessed to get Kieria Again!

Montasia Jordan

Seth was such a great help! He called me just in time and got everything set up for me. It was so easy and he has amazing customer service. I would recommend anyone use them!!

Irwin Howard...

I had great experience was given Information on the different companies and there rate and options to he me make a final decision.

Kerry Rogers

In the midst of SO many things that have to be done when moving, it was simply wonderful to have My Utilities take on the responsibility for me. They were courteous, professional and thorough.

Michael Brown

Nothing really keep up the good work!

Bob Hadlock

Awesome tool for moving to a new area! Great customer service!!

Kimberly Martin

I'm so glad I was referred to this company. Bobby has made my life so much easier. He found the best rates for me and arranged the set up of everything. All I have to do is be there the day of installation! I'm hard of hearing so calling service providers to set up is difficult and I didn't have to do that at all. Even for those with normal hearing I highly recommend his service--moving is stressful and he takes care of one of the headaches of moving for you.

Tina Henry

5 stars

Harry Clark

Their representative (Jack) was quite friendly and helpful. He got me a much cheaper electric rate than I chose. Thanks.


Your service is excellent

Elizabeth Glanville

Extremely helpful in navigating the Texas systems for someone setting up accounts from out of state. Thank you.

Shirley Lee

5 stars

Sheila Landry

Shawn was very nice and helpful.

Chuck Williams

The staff members are super helpful. They have your best interest in mind. It costs you nothing to use their knowledge, experience, and research, and can save you a lot of money. They do the hard work for you.

Sylvia Moreno

You are totally awesome! With the stress of sorting, throwing, donating and packing for my new adventure of downsizing, you took a problem of selecting the best utility for my new home. Thank you so much. <<less


Helped me research best option

Mike H.

They did everything! Use them for your next move. You'll be glad you did!