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Erick Ramirez

"Very impressed and quick, everything done the same day and prices were reasonable, thanks, saved me time, back to packing 😀"

Yenitza Mendoza

"Josué muchas gracias por tu atención fue un placer recibir tus servicios. Continúa así dando la mejor atención al cliente. Felicitaciones" / "Josue thank you very much for your attention, it was a pleasure to receive your services. Continue giving the best customer service. Congratulations"

Leigh Figueroa

DAVID WAS AMAZING!! He was very polite and worked hard to get this done for me!!!!! Great customer service!

Harold Jones

John did a good job of trying to help me find affordable renter's insurance.

Juana Ligas

"Josue was awesome to work with! He guided me through the whole process and made sure I was being taken care of every step of the way. I could not be any more pleased with the services that were rendered to me."

Carol Hansen

Alex was my advisor- super friendly, got right back to me with help and he took a huge load off of my plate getting my home set up for WIFI!! Great service that I’ll highly recommend to my friends!

Doug James

Great all around, very very very helpful in every way possible

Candace Scott

This is the first time I have used this service and it was very easy. I suggest you have a list of your vendors and magazines and such items because I was not prepared before to be so comprehensive. The website is designed to make the flow very efficient. Good service

Stanley Rule

Very professional

Rafael Jaramillo

"In a world where time is often more valuable than money, Josue and the VIP Concierge Team redefine the essence of service. Faced with the daunting task of setting up a new apartment while my wife was in the hospital, they delivered impeccably—within a mere 24 hours. Service Quality: The team's attention to detail was nothing short of extraordinary. Utility setup, Renters Insurance, Internet, every element was handled with finesse. Timeliness: The 24-hour turnaround was not just a promise; it was a guarantee they fulfilled. In a situation where every moment counted, they were a clockwork of efficiency. Communication: Throughout the process, the team kept me informed, ensuring I could focus on my wife's well-being without any added stress. Recommendation: If you're in need of concierge services that not only meet but exceed expectations, look no further. Josue and his VIP Concierge Team come highly recommended. Their service is not just a transaction; it's a lifeline when you need it the most. Would you trust them again? In a heartbeat. Would you recommend them to others? Without a shadow of a doubt."

Elena Viveiros

Very helpful over the phone. I'm not moving til next week so I can't speak to the execution, but initial set up was very easy!

Garrett Weissbein

Made the stress of moving a lot easier.

Carlos Rosales

Brittany B. was amazing to work with, she made things so easy!!!

Jocelyn Smith

best service

Kristina Chung

Jack Sommers was very helpful. He even played phone tag with me for 3 days and didn't get frustrated. Once I finally decided which services I wanted he got it set up within minutes. He is very knowledgeable on what you need and made helpful suggestions as to the plans he thought fit me best. I would recommend him.

Heidi Garranza

I had a great experience! This is the first home i rent and Shawn Poole helped me out a lot, I loved how they tried to find the best plan for me. I was highly satisfied.

Roxanne Davila

"Josue was a very big help on my move. He was able to get my utilities and internet service scheduled on time. He even offered renters insurance that I didnt know they had too. Thank you for everything most appreciated"

Jacob F.

It was painless

Chris Poole

Fast, friendly and completely painless. Such a different experience from dealing with the utility companies directly.

Simon Medley

Ben Fuller is very good at what he does and went above and beyond to find me the best deals on utilities suited to my needs to help me get set up in my new apartment. Had great communication with me throughout the process and did an amazing job of explaining things clearly. Would highly recommend using him!