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About My Utilities

Garry & Linda Collins

My utilities made it a lot easier than handling it myself!

Valencia Mc Knight

5 stars

Laura de Arruda Botelho

We are relocating from Florida to Texas and Jack at My Utilities has been amazing to work with! I recommend this service to anyone during a move. It takes a lot of the headache and stress out of setting up your utilities.

Cornelia Coleman

I really love this

Tiara W.

Easy to work with

Kristen McKillips

Amazing!! Best service ever!!

Nate Wright

Very pleasent experience to work with MyUtilities. I didn't have to do much of anything and they made all the phone calls to get everything turned on.

Ricki Lea Krause

Bobby Jones and Change My Utilities are UNBELIEVABLE! I have been overcharged by Utility providers for the past few years, so Bobby shopped the market and found me the very best deals on EVERYTHING and he ended up saving me well over $900/year! The savings were great, but the best part about Change My Utilities was the level of service that I was provided. I have NEVER been treated as great as Bobby treated me, and I have been a consumer for over 45 years now. I HIGHLY recommend Bobby Jones and Change My Utilities to anyone who wants to save money on their utilities! Thank you so very much! I will be telling everyone I know about how great this company is!


It was so easy and saved me time and and headache!

Desiree Mc Donald

Chris was knowledgeable, accommodating and extremely courteous. Probably the best and smoothest transition ever. Thanks so much.

Catherine Lovett

I just relocated to Dallas from Washington, D.C. Sean was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. He helped me to navigate the insanely complex options for utility providers in Dallas and I was able to select a great option that fit in my monthly budget. I'd definitely recommend My Utilities to any new residents in the Dallas area. Thank you, Sean! :)

Michelle Hughes

5 stars

Kristen Casalenuovo

Sydney made my move so easy, scheduling an appointment for Wi-Fi set up and putting me in touch with the right electric company for the area.

Bodara Williams

Excellent service. It definitely saved me a ton of time calling and scheduling all the utilities for our move to our new apartment. The rep texted me which was super convenient and to know that’s it’s all FREE just made the service and experience valid/that much more worth it.

Belinda Conway

This was the most accurate company to go to because I'm new to the area. I moved from another city and it saved me time from having to search for companies and compare prices.

Shara Keller

Great! Quick, easy, reliable!

Shauntell Baldwin

Lisette was great 👍 and very helpful😁😁

Gayle Kassul

Shawn was excellent!! Not only did she save me time and money, she was knowledgeable on the coverages. Highly recommend her and this service. Thank you

Ashley Clontz

Great experience with Sydney and MyUtilities! Very helpful in getting things set up at our new house.

Glenis Ray

This service made my move easy and seamless. They looked for the best prices which I found daunting as I searched all the websites. Thank you Shawn for thinking of everything and getting me awesome rates.