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Whitnee Gatson

they made my move so smooth and easy

Jonathan Mark William Crow

Bobby was a delight to work with. Made switching all of my utilities and finding the best deal possible on the market a complete turnkey process. Having the personal touch of a person to walk you through this process is also a huge benefit.Thanks again!Jon

Kerry Rogers

In the midst of SO many things that have to be done when moving, it was simply wonderful to have My Utilities take on the responsibility for me. They were courteous, professional and thorough.

Scott Carroll

5 stars

Josh Nye

5 stars

John Thompson

5 stars

Shonda Charles

Shawn was wonderful to talk with! He was very knowledgeable, helpful, and offered excellent customer service. Even his work partner was knowledgeable of the services I needed. I had the opportunity to speak with Shawn on numerous occasions, and the overall experience was pleasant. I wish customer service could be found everywhere like this!! My utilities should be the poster child for how it should be done.

Gonzalo Morales

Michael contacted me out and he was so helpful! Got me set up right away. Will be recommending to friends for sure!

Ashton Stigger

They offer great service and are wonderful people. I highly recommend them!

Maciel Muniz

I was helped by Kieria, she was very sweet and was able to get me a good deal for electricity and made sure it would be set up by the time I was in my new apartment. That took one less thing off my list that I had to worry about.


Sean was amazing! He did great providing us service options and worked around our very busy schedule. The process was so easy and convenient. I would definitely use this service again!


Very helpful. Made things easier

Muchael W.

Shawn was great thanks again.

Robert Esser

Great service and helps streamline all your bills with minimal effort and time.

Taylor Stewart

Shawn was fantastic and helpful every step of the way! He was a great communicator and was able to assist me quickly.

Essence Courtney

I work with Seth awesome person, very professional and funny. I enjoyed setting up my services with the company.

Chase Ricamore

Very easy service to use. I’m very busy and it’s hard to pull away from work. This made my busy week of moving easier so I can focus on other important tasks! I’d highly recommend this to anyone. Dillon Tucker is the man!

Scott Nance

Couldn't be more pleased this services exists.

Sarah Beth Bolin

Great customer service and very helpful information in getting my utilities set up!

Juraj Nevjestic

The rep was very knowledgeable and actually really helpful. I was skeptical but it turned out to be a great service