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Troy Norwood

Awesome concept and services!

Bridget Weir

Clear information. Answers questions promptly. Quick responses. Cheerful customer service.

Debra Fedro

It was a good experience. The girl was very knowledgeable and helpful and

Rosita Garner

Thank you, for helping me With your company help & getting back on my feet. I appreciate your help thank you and God bless you. Looking forward for the future.

Brianna Wetherbee

My Utilities made my utlity search and installation easy. Home buying a very serious and stressful process and having to switch all your utitlies and worry about getting them all connected and appointments just adds to that stress. This service makes the process easy, worry free, and simple. They do all the hard work and find the best deals and explain it all to you and then schedule all of the utilites and installations and orders for you. I would recommend this to anyone who wants simple and easy without sacrificing budget. Jack my represantive was amazing and if you get him he is awesome to work with.

Kristen Kastner

So wonderful! Shannell took the time to guide me in finding the best service for what I needed. She even took the time to explain the whys and how's so I trusted her information and guidance even more!

Garesha Woods

5 stars

Belinda Conway

This was the most accurate company to go to because I'm new to the area. I moved from another city and it saved me time from having to search for companies and compare prices.

Patrisha King

Professional, courteous, and helps you understand the your new location and the services/companies with the best rates

Kimberly Martin

I'm so glad I was referred to this company. Bobby has made my life so much easier. He found the best rates for me and arranged the set up of everything. All I have to do is be there the day of installation! I'm hard of hearing so calling service providers to set up is difficult and I didn't have to do that at all. Even for those with normal hearing I highly recommend his service--moving is stressful and he takes care of one of the headaches of moving for you.

Emma Betrisey

Very helpful!

Keith Edward

These guys are awesome

lizzy R.

Fantastic!!! Could not have been more pleased than I am.

Lori R.

The service was excellent Corey was attentive, well prepared and knowledgeable about the product offerings. He was friendly and helpful. I enjoyed working with him and was thankful to the assistance

Montora Allen

Michael was friendly and explained everything and was very helpful. I was happy with experience.


Helped me research best option

Kenyata Ross

4 stars!

Candice Williams

Kevin, excellent customer service. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Made the moving experience so less stressful, like having my own personal assistant. Thank you so much!

Timothy Seale

"Quick, easy and cheap compared to where I used to live. It took several minutes and they do a quick credit score check to determine if a person needs to put down a deposit and I have not had credit for very long either (4 months). They work with UMoveFree people and they assisted me to finding the best electric plan."


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