My Utilities

My Utilities was started to satisfy a common want in the marketplace. Everyone who moves, needs utilities set up; most people don’t want to hassle with setting up utilities so My Utilities exists to do just that, set up utilities, at no cost.

We offer all our users convenience, choice, and the most educated way to save money. We research all utility service providers available to our users and know all they have to offer. We inform our users of their best options and ultimately simplify their lives by setting up their utilities for them so that they don’t have to. We are a free, user friendly service, saving people time and money in the most efficient way possible.

What we really offer is knowledge and peace of mind. No matter who you are, connecting utilities takes time. Whether you are looking for the best deal or just looking for a service provider that actively services your home, you either have to surf the web or call around weeding through the masses. We do this for a living and know the leading service providers like the back of our hand. Our team of experienced professionals know the ins and outs of utility service providers; our wide range of relationships with utility service providers allows our team to get the very best for our users. Our system and technology is designed to ensure that no service falls through the cracks. Users always choose what they want and when they want it so when move in day comes, the utilities are connected without a glitch.