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Electricity is the most common form of energy used to power the lighting, appliances, electronics, heating, cooling, etc., in your home. Electricity in a home is often referred to as “power”.

Electricity is the most common form of energy and because of that, there are countless different providers throwing options at you making it difficult to truly understand if you are picking the best deal. My Utilities understands that the process of choosing electricity providers can feel complicated and that is why we want to make it easy for you. Unlike the average person who moves four or five times in their lifetime, My Utilities help hundreds of people move and find better deals every single day. We are extremely familiar with electricity, electricity providers, what works best in which areas, and how to find you the best deals.

Some areas have many options for power providers and some areas are limited to one. That is the difference between Regulated and Deregulated markets. Depending on the area of your home, the electricity is either Regulated or Deregulated.

Deregulated Electricity

Deregulated means options! The “Utility” (a single company owning all power infrastructures associated with your electricity) is responsible for hosting and distributing the energy you use. The electricity providers buy the electricity from “Utility” and then sell it to your home directly. With many electricity providers in deregulated areas there is competitive pricing and therefore you have options when deciding how much you spend each month.

Regulated Electricity

Regulated means that there is one company, we’ll call “Utility”, that owns all the infrastructure associated with your electricity. They own the physical stuff that holds and distributes the electricity. This makes it easy if there is ever an issue with your electricity; you know the “Utility” will know the answer. With a regulated energy market, “Utility” chooses the price and it is fixed there until they change it. You can’t choose your price in a regulated market, but at least you know you are getting the best deal available to you!

Whether you are using My Utilities because you are moving to a new home, or shopping to find a better rate per kilowatt hour we are equipped to make connecting your electricity simple for you. Once we explain to you your options, you are free to choose which provider you want and then we will take care of actually processing the connection of your electrical service.

Visit My Utilities Home page and enter your zip code, address, and contact information. We will present to you our live research results so you can choose the best electric providers available to you. Once you choose your power providers we will take care of making your connections so the power at your house will be on exactly when you need it. It’s simple… and fun.