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$13 per month

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$90 per month

Spectrum Review (304)

Great installation and lighting fast internet

Virgil Renz

Great installation! Fantastic service internet is blazing fast compared to AT&T

James Waltmon

Sheynequa Jeffrey

Old Technology

Anthony Laszlo

Spectrum installed both internet and TV. When I asked about a DVR system they wanted to install a DVR on each of the 4 TV's that I have. Spectrum does NOT have a whole home DVR system, they stopped providing that type of service years ago per the installer. So after they installed the internet and TV, I had 30 days to cancel without penalty. I cancelled the TV side and had DishNetwork install my old system in my new home. I still have Spectrum internet and it's working fine for now. That is why Spectrum only gets one star, the installer was professional and did a very nice job.

No lag or outages!

James & Kyp Shillam

Had Frontier at our last apartment and service was always “logging out.” I’d be working and get the magical mystery “you are no longer connected to internet.” Frontier couldn't figure it out. Never fixed it. Happened all the time. Now we have spectrum and haven’t had one interruption or mystery message!

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