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Customer service, no service

Amanda Owens

So far I have been waiting since mid May to have one of my sensors moved, because the location that it's in is near a window and was setting off false alarms. Well needless to say, it's nearly the end of June and it hasn't been fixed, because apparently the techs can't locate my house, but we're able to locate my house to sale and install. They have cancelled twice and once without notice. So when they called this time to cancel, I got aggravated. I told them to either send someone at the scheduled time or the next available appointment they have they can come to install it. So we will see what happens next.

Joshua Curry

Terrible system and services!

Kristina Temple

I had a terrible experience with Vivint, first installment 12/28 paid in full, system stopped working a few hours later, I called to cancel they said they wanted to make things right. Took until January 8th for a new system and less than 12 hours the new system went down again with alarm going off while I was at work, they sent sheriff's department and my family had to meet them at my house, screen locked on tamper screen I couldn't get anyone to help with 2 calls from work and disconnected on both calls by Vivent, I called back at 11pm when I got home and the rep had me taking apart the panel a few times over 45 minutes on the phone and no resolution, I then requested removal it took 2 more day's for a tech to come to my house and he thought he was fixing it, I had him call supervisor and remove the system for a refund on January 11th which is supposed to be for $863.94 and I still have not received anything, also leaving holes in my walls and no working doorbell. ! I called them again on January 23rd when I received an email of my upcoming payment and the manager said he would process the refund for 863.94, I received an email last night saying I would be receiving 820.02 so I responded back reminding them they need to send the difference of 43.92 and I have had no response yet!! This is by far the worst system and services I have experienced and have let my work, family and friends know not to go with this company and pass the word on! I should receive a full refund since the 2 systems never worked including the 13 extra censors I purchased and my doorbell no longer works! I have holes in 2 walls and I am going through a different alarm company. So I would like to have a full refund sent ASAP!!! Still nothing and no response from anyone from Vivint!!! Just horrible and very frustrating!!!

Alexander Hutchinson

Sean Hill

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