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Vivint Review (156)

Debra Flood

Unethical service technician

Steve Reynolds

Moved in to new home, discovered my internet cable outside home had been cut by developer. Vivint install was already scheduled. I informed my Northern Indiana Vivint tech, Jonathan, prior to install date that my internet was not active, and asked if it was necessary for the system install. He informed me it was not, except for the doorbell camera. Said he could could show me how to switch the cellular base unit to cellular WiFi. Instead, at my house he didn’t connect the doorbell cam to the cellular base unit. Instead, he said it would be easier to mount the doorbell, and just not activate it or make it operational. Instead, he said he would just call the installation complete, and come out to finish it off the clock on his own time. In calling it complete, I have paid for a nonfunctional product, and your technician has been paid for work he didn’t complete. He has cancelled on me 3 separate times in which he said he would come. Two of those times, he never reached out to me, I had to confirm if/when he would be coming only to be told he no longer was coming. After the 3rd cancellation, he told me I need to purchase a protection plan to avoid a $90 service fee. I’m not seeking new service for a product that was installed and has stopped working. I’m seeking the completion of my original installation. The service technician is now ghosting me, having not responded to text for 2 days, and won’t answer my calls after being very responsive for the past 6 weeks. I feel screwed over and taken advantage of a dishonest technician, who fished for me to smoke him out on weed, and shared with me past customers with whom he’s smoked joints with during installs (I assume because he saw a vape pen he thought was weed). Can a senior technician intervene and walk me through the needed work. I don’t feel comfortable with Jonathan, the northern Indiana tech entering my home.

Chris Mc Lean

Tasha Pitts

Great Service

Kim Hong & Jermaine Moore

Loving the system so far. Convenient and easy to manage.

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