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Carley Cordell

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They dont honor the promotion price

Shemika Williams

Direct Tv is charging me 172 for my first bill when i only signed up for the 103 dollar promotion! Then, they charged me for a cable box when i was told all DVR boxes would be free. That definatley wasn't the case. I've called them several times because of the inconsistency billing. At first the bill in the mail was 184 and then another came that showed 139 and the final one is 172. After calling numerous times on numerous occasions, the first represwntaive said my bill will be 139 and the second one said 165. Nothing has been right with this company. I am looking into another company buying me out of this contract. I only did this because Lisette guaranteed the promotion price. On top ofthat, I have yet to receive the $100 gift card.

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