Xfinity in Willis, Texas


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Xfinity Plans

HD Complete XF Triple Play


$200 per month

X1 Saver Quad Play


$160 per month

HD Preferred XF Triple Play


$120 per month

Xfinity Review (93)

This service is terrible and everyone knows.

Tyler Floyd

For the love of god, stop over designing your god damned website! Beveling edges and inserting stupid animations about how much money your customers owe you for spotty service does nothing to help people like me who are incapable of paying our bill. I cannot create an account with my phone number or email address, because they were used at a different home years ago, and I cannot migrate that old account's service to this address because I "lack permissions." The one and only decent thing about this company is the customer service I have been provided over the phone (but only when the CSA is an American who can speak unaccented English)

Luis Lambarri

Jacob Porter

John Hall

Elham Agah