Xfinity in Deer park, Texas


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Xfinity Plans

HD Complete XF Triple Play


$200 per month

X1 Saver Quad Play


$160 per month

HD Preferred XF Triple Play


$120 per month

Xfinity Review (93)

Unhappy and considering switching carriers

Brianna Fresh

My monthly bill has increased by $30 without my knowledge. On top of that, I did not end up activating the updated modem that I was sent because it was just mentally too much of a hassle at the time. I sent it back and hope I am not being charged for a modem I am not using. My service is also terrible and cuts out more than I'd like to admit. Overall I am not pleased with my service and waiting for Google Fiber or AT&T to be available in my area.


Philip Guillot

Super Fast!

Chicano Thomas

Travis Walker

Sawyer Karably Lazar