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AT&T Review (498)

Poor Service, Poor Function!

Pony Allen

I was happy to receive my router from AT&T - it arrived right on time. Unfortunately it didn't contain any installation instructions. I searched the AT&T website for instructions but it was no help. All paths I tried lead to no answers. I tried calling for help but was not able to speak to anyone. Only robots. So I went on YouTube and searched the model number of the router. Nothing from AT&T showed up! There were several instructions on opening the box and a few on hooking it up but they didn't quite match my situation in some way. So I was left to my own devices. I looked it over, used what I learned from YouTube, hooked it up and plugged it in. So now I have internet service but, sometimes I can be on my phone 20 feet from my router and still not get service. How's that possible? How's the speed you ask? I haven't measured it yet but from my subjective experience, I know it's not what was advertised. And what's sad is, I want to ask for help to get setup properly and get the full experience I'm paying for but, I need to create a large block of time for trying to get someone to talk to and, I need to steel myself to endure off the frustrations of the circular phone trees and lack of website response. I haven't yet prepared my endurance to match the inevitable task. I'm only able to write this note in hopes that it will reach someone's eye that believes customer satisfaction is of value, and they they will reach out to help.

Great Service

Valencia Mc Knight

Great service. Very efficient and fast

April Baker

Brook Bowman

Gerold Wilcox

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