AT&T in Harker heights, Texas


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AT&T Plans

Internet Basic 768K


$60 per month

Phone Unlimited North America


$25 per month

Phone International Plus II


$35 per month

AT&T Review (498)


Shannon Cook

AT&T and UVerse''s services are terrible. The customer svc is useless. We had NO CBS for 6 weeks, now no NFL?!! And AT&T, is the reason, with their exclusive contracting, that we can't buy a Sunday Ticket or any NFL out of market offerings. I am beyond angry and disgusted and I can't change it without losing HUNDREDS of dollars in installation....Which is also ridiculous since the previous homeowners already had this mess. Just disgusted and I'll probably end up buying out my contract just to be done with them. Also the bills are always wrong, they keep m8x8ng and messing with my cell services, it goes on and on. Don't do it! At least DirecTV (same company now) has way better quality. Shame those now one company, can't combine their respective messes and be excellent.

Great Service!

Sonya Jackson-House

I have used A T & T for the past several years and the service has been great.

John Mc Millian

Not worth it....

Miguel Polanco

No good channels to watch, waste of money....better off with digital antenna....

Jennifer Stooksberry

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