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Optimum Review (8)

Isaiah Lloyd Bonner

No outages, fast and reliable internet

Dane Gabrielse

I’ve used AT&T, Xfinity, Verizon and now Optimum. I highly recommend them over the others as I’ve yet to experience outages, slow internet or any gaming or computer interruptions. I play both video games and work remotely occasionally and attend meetings without any issue. It’s been more reliable than my own company’s Internet. For the price and service? I recommend even if Grand Saline had more options such as T-mobile coming into play soon, I’d still stick with Optimum.

Kristopher Lamaster

Its Optium

Meggan Powers

its optimum, - not much more to say

Not getting what I paid for

James Meyers

I am paying for 1000 Mbps. I never get more than 500. Even if I put a computer next to the router, even if I plug into the router with an Internet cable, my speed is less than 500 Mbps. I feel like I’m getting fleeced, but I’m afraid to change the plan lest it gets even slower.

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