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Every home needs water whether you need it for cooking, cleaning, showering, washing, or in many cases you may even need it for heating and cooling your home. With water being a necessity at every home it is crazy that for many people turning it on seems like an almost impossible task.

When turning on the water at your home there are typically two options. Your home is either connected to a well or, more commonly, you are connected to the city's water supply. What you need to remember is that water is very specifically associated to where your home is, so remember when you are checking where your water is coming from you look very specifically at your particular home.

Typically for water services you need to actually go into the office or directly contact the utility customer service/billing division of your area.

Typically you will be asked to provide the following:

  • A refundable deposit of somewhere from $50-$100. If you pay in person you can use cash or credit card. If you can't pay in person you can typically pay by check or money order.

  • A clear, legible copy of your driver's license. This is to prove ownership in order to transfer the water records into your name.

  • Your service start date. If you are a moving as a homeowner you typically inform them of your closing date. If you are renting you can let them know the date that you plan to occupy the space.

  • Billing address

  • Current phone number

If you want to simplify the whole process just connect with us below and My Utilities would be happy to cut your search time down to just a few seconds. My Utilities is happy to help you with any utility connections you need.

Whatever services you need, water, gas, electricity, TV/ Cable, home security, or internet, My Utilities will get you set up for free in just 15 minutes. You typically can arrange for your garbage pickup and recycling through the same water department. The costs of these are typically rolled into the property tax bill.