AT&T in Morgan's point resort, Texas


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AT&T Plans

Internet Basic 768K


$60 per month

Phone Unlimited North America


$25 per month

Phone International Plus II


$35 per month

AT&T Review (498)

Nothing to do with Will and only to do with your company

Joshua Bubis

What bothered me about this entire experience was the dishonesty. I was reached out to as if this was a utility service and it wasn’t until after I shared my social security number with a stranger and signed up for AT&T services that I was told it was the only thing he could do for me. I could have done it myself and it would have been less tedious than the phone conversation where I was coerced into sharing my personal info. On top of that, I was told the whole point of this was that if I ever needed to make any changes that I could just reach out to the same person and they would handle everything for me. Well, I did reach out pretty quickly to ask to cancel the scheduled appointment and I was told I would need to do that myself. What a fucking scam.

Joey Acker

Frederick Robinson

Courtney Garcia

Jay Abrams

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