AT&T in Mcallen, Texas


( 498 reviews )

AT&T Plans

Internet Basic 768K


$60 per month

Phone Unlimited North America


$25 per month

Phone International Plus II


$35 per month

AT&T Review (498)

Negative word of mouth

Jeff Noble

Based on my experience of being given five, yes five, different prices DURING THE SAME PHONE CALL, I am actively telling people to stay away from any and all ATT products. I also tell them about my experience and that’s generally enough to dissuade them from considering ATT as an option. I’m a helper.

Courtney Garcia

The worst speed and reliability ever

Bryan Thompson

We re-start the internet at least twice a week. The best speed we’ve seen has been 9 down and 1.3 up. Just praying they get fiber out here soon.

Pros and cons

Rolland Voris

Our internet is rather slow. Our TV loses wireless connection way too often and also freezes.

David Argumaniz

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