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AT&T Review (498)

Not very happy

Chris Kaakaty

My wireless service is not very good in my house and most likely I am going to need some kind of booster - I have tried to reach out to my sale rep Raynelle that converted my service from Verizon to Att but have not be able to reach him - my bill is double what he said it would be and my reward Visa cards has not been mailed to me for using att at home and wireless

About my service with AT&t. And DirecTV.

Marty Capers

But DirecTV with some pure headache I do not do business with them at all I never want to see them again. It was truly a real nightmare dealing with them. But AT&t with the internet everything is good with that but DirecTV all that stuff even though I have wait for a long time and I've been in the places and I just got here a couple of weeks ago with no TV just regular TV. But I don't ever want to do business or see DirecTV ever again and I will not highly recommend anyone doing business with them.

April Baker


Rebecca Issa

AT & T is alright but it keeps going out periodically. Other than that no complaints.

Ok - Luke warm about U-verse

Anne Antoniou

I’m lukewarm about U-verse as it does not have as many of my favorite channels/networks as I previously had with Comcast.

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