AT&T in Devine, Texas


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Internet Basic 768K


$60 per month

Phone Unlimited North America


$25 per month

Phone International Plus II


$35 per month

AT&T Review (498)

Service sucked

Dickie Hollis

Because there’s no zero I’ll give yall a one only good news is I changed to Direct TV and that fixed my WiFi as well. Using old phone lines just don’t get it guys. High Technology. Whaaaaaaaaaaattt?!!!!!!!!


Bobbie Hudson

I am so disappointed that after only one month on AT&T U-verse service, they have canceled the channels that I watch most, CBS & KXTA that carries Jeapordy ! You can rest assured after my one year contract is up I am switching back to Spectrum.

Publio Casillas

Kim Vannatta

Kenneth Shaw

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